SharePoint for Human Resources – New story with the Paradigm shift

It’s high time when the organizations and their human resources department need to accept the fact that there is a huge paradigm shift in the current day’s role of Human resource management (HRM). Traditionally, HRM function required to deal with all the employee centric issues like employee onboarding, remuneration, performance management, training, communication, maintaining the motivational level of employees and so on. It also strategically managed people and enhanced the workplace environment and culture.

With the paradigm shift, the focus of HRM has also drastically changed. Human Resources (HR) now plays multiple roles. Sometimes a Leader. A Counsellor. An Employee advocate. Or A Business strategist and so on. As the business world changes, so does the role of HR professionals. At most of the places, HR department is now expected to deliver dual results. Apart from fulfilling the traditional duties, it is also expected to perform value added tasks by strategically utilizing employees’ potential and ensuring that the various employee programs are recommended and implemented in a positive manner which impacts the business in measurable ways. Here is where Microsoft SharePoint Intranet adds efficiency to your on growing HR needs in terms of delivering dual role.

SharePoint-based intranet solutions and portals have a strong capability to create a robust and effective platform for HRs where it becomes easy for them to manage enormous employee database, store large number of HR documents and records, manage meetings, leave tracking and other important schedules on common office calendar, automate on-boarding, recruitments, conduct performance evaluation, track employee training and so on.

At Beyond Intranet, we help you by giving cost effective, SharePoint based Intranet solutions for all your HR requirements. We specialize in creating robust intranet solutions that are unique, adaptable, innovative and secure. These applications help organizations to drive collaboration among their employees, increase productivity, processes and revenue with significant reduction in turnaround time.

Some of the reasons which compel most companies to switch to SharePoint intranet for their HRM requirement are:

1. Enormous storage and documentation possibilities
When SharePoint was initially adopted by most of the organizations, it was commonly used as team site and as a common platform where employees used to share documents. But SharePoint intranet ruled out the discriminative and ignorant policy. The brand reciprocated again that it was just not a mere document sharing platform but was a whole digital experience! SharePoint intranet provides amazing storage for employee documents and HR content. Not just a place to store and find documents, it is a platform to connect the vital tools HR and employees use on a day-to-day basis as a single digital experience. HRM is a reciprocal of paper work and documents! Be it resume database or employee documents, customer database, compliance documents and anything else. We will ensure that your company’s intranet will surely have a dedicated yet unlimited space to store and reproduce data whenever and wherever needed.

2. Drive to Collaboration
Collaboration is the key to increased understanding and association among employees and SharePoint intranet provides a platform which is driven by collaboration. A recent study discovered that productivity improves by 20 – 25% in organizations with connected employees. This increase in productivity translates into potential revenues of around $1.3 trillion per year. That saves huge amount of time which usually HR managers dedicate to get their various departments on same page. SharePoint document management solutions offer a centralized, streamlined system that makes it easy for people to store, share and find information and bring together various departments for working towards achieving oriented goals.

3. HR Information anywhere- anytime
Gone are the days when information was difficult to manage and communication was fragmented before it could reach the desired set of ears. With our well-crafted HR portal, files are automatically synchronized and accessible from anywhere, anytime. Documents such as company policy, benefits, and employee handbooks can be updated within the company’s HR portal and found with ease. Our HR add-in and solutions are friendly to use and accessible from anywhere. The framework they use are fully responsive to all type of devices such as computer, laptop or mobile device- be it android windows or iOS based.

4. Seamless Employee Hiring and on boarding solutions
No more email blasts for new comers in the office with our customized intranet solutions! Our Employee Hiring (recruitment) and Employee Onboarding solutions provide an extremely easy and manageable solution when it comes to new candidate hunt or new employee onboarding. The Employee hiring system automatically picks up relevant employee profiles from the career site of company or from the associated email IDs. Collection and sorting of CVs becomes completely painless work here. Scheduling interview, getting reminders or alerts and shortlisting of candidates is a complete workflow which keeps every one engaged till the end. Similarly, on-boarding platform gives a personalized feel to each new employee in office as his documents to be furnished are streamlined at one place. Although, HR need not give a full dedicated time still the new employee will get acquainted to the regulations of his new workplace within no time.

5. Centralized Employee database management
HRs always face a tough time with collecting, maintaining and collating all employee records at one place and make them handy when people need them. This process requires huge amount of time and efforts of HR regardless of the type of industry segment. Our intranet based solution called Employee Directory is the simple answer for this problem of HR. Employee directory is deeply integrated with company’s Office 365 and SharePoint account and so it automatically takes up database from this account thus updating employee records. Not only this! The solution is also integrated with Skype for business for chatting and calling employees from the directory platform itself when required. Hierarchy based access controls also help to save data from unwanted distortion or manipulation.

6. Share and be aware
We live in an age where it is possible to connect, campaign, create, and collaborate more efficiently than ever before. HR’s constantly need to keep people from all business verticals updated with company’s latest news, blogs, vision of CEOs, new product launch news etc. With our SharePoint intranet based solutions like News Ticker and Help Desk, it is not only easy for HR to share such information with employees but its efficient for employees to raise a service request from HR/ IT or any other department when they are in need of any service or document. Employee can not only raise service request but also follow up on status of previously submitted requests. HR staff can manage and track requests for services from employees with an easy to use help desk feature.

7. Design custom HR dashboard
Each company is unique and HR professionals have their own specific goals. Do not break your goals to align with a system, but customize the system to work how you need! Most of the intranet face difficulty of adoption because they do not provide employee friendly environment. Corporates have sent complaints to us about non acceptance of their previous intranet solutions. We at Beyond Intranet, understand this deep rooted problem and so are keen to build a customized skin for your companies’ Intranet. We understand that there is requirement of a separate social area for your employees where they can chat (Chat Board) and share latest findings (Knowledge Management), share light moments by wishing birthday or anniversary greetings (Birthday Reminder) to each other and develop a formal yet everlasting bonding.

8. Highly Safe and secure
With the pace of digital innovation faster than ever, it has become critical for most HRM teams to keep companies’ highly sensitive information secure against unauthorized individuals, accessing them accidentally or purposely. Well, our SharePoint based intranet solution does provide you with highly secured and safe environment when comes to accessibility of your company policies, sensitive customer data or compliance documents etc. With Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, you can identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information across Office 365. You can not only identify sensitive information across many locations, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business but also monitor and protect sensitive information to get out of your office premises. In fact, you can define what should be considered sensitive, and DLP will scan documents for pre-defined information. Why wait for anything else? We are looking forward to making your corporate world – digitally as well as socially upgraded workplace. Come, let’s meet over soon at

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