9 excellent solutions for all Human Resource folks

In our recent blog we already discussed on the paradigm shift and the changing role of the human resource(HR) personals. Now its time to handpick solutions that can help your over-burdened HR department and give them some relief. Our modern day intranet solutions are one stop solution for all your HR related pains. Choose either a complete package of SharePoint based intranet products, to make up your well-crafted HR portal or handpick each one as per your need. We ensure, the solutions will never let you down.”

No less to say that in today’s modern business, human resource (HR) department has become lifeblood of the company. They are responsible not only for attracting and recruiting talent in the company but also managing retention rates, strategical decisions, training, performance appraisals, team management, collaboration and what not? The list of their expected jobs is in-exhaustive. This department has no choice but to become super folks who can work all round the clock and that too in a highly productive and organized manner.

SharePoint is one of the fastest-growing Microsoft product that helps thousands of HR personals to improve their productivity and collaboration. It is simply great as it lets you pretty much customize it any way you want. And is a best platform to create your own customized add-ins as well.

Let us figure out nine most important SharePoint based add ins available which as HRs you should have on your computer or mobile or both to keep you going in a productive and organized manner.

Human Resource

9 excellent solutions for all

Human Resource folks

Employee Hiring is a comprehensive collaboration tool for human resource personals when it comes to recruitment. The Employee hiring system does the initial collection of resumes from the company career site, job portals and linked email Ids automatically thus easing out the efforts of HR in collection of resumes. As HRs set up the interview schedules, automatic email notification are send to the interviewers. There is a transparency to check interview feedbacks and any changes in the schedules which keeps the work in progress till the opening is marked “closed” by the HR. This lowers the turnaround time significantly giving good results in less time.

Employee Hiring
Employee Onboarding

Beyond Intranet’s Employee Onboarding add-in is a simple yet intuitive interface which eliminates new employee’s first day blues. HR creates forms for the new employee to fill up the details. Standard onboarding tasks are created for all the other associated department managers and assigned to them. HRs get notification as they complete the procedure. All company policies and other important HR documents are shared on the common folder from where new employee can easily access and read them. Quick view of all the pending tasks by HR, employee or any other department manager is available which makes the work flow seamless, quick and transparent.

Employee Directory is a central online staff directory to manage and share employee information with their profile picture and other important details. Collecting, managing and maintaining employee database is atedious task for any HR particularly when the employees are in large numbers. It becomes more cumbersome for multi-location offices. Employee Directory allows HRs not only to search any employee within minutes but also allows users to call, chat or send email to employees instantly without leaving the add-in platform. The add-in is compatible to be used on any device like aneroid, iOS mobile phone so you can continue contacting your employees on the go form anywhere, anytime.

Employee Directory
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management enables users to ask questions on any subject matter – be it a HR related query, policy or technical question. This allows not only capturing and sharing the key information within your company but also acts as a tool to curate all your necessary business content in one place. Employees use the tool to send their queries. HR department frames answers to these queries which can be generic for the team. Such replies become knowledge asset over a period. This answer bank refines and grows up over a period and can be used as a source of reference for rest of the staff.

Employee Spotlight is an excellent tool which helps HRs in their task of improving employee engagement and highlighting employee achievements from time to time in the company. This motivates other team members to perform to their best as well. Employees can greet each other and wish the best performer for his great achievement on the tool itself. The tool has various beautiful pre-defined templates which can be used as background to display important messages. Announcement like employee of the month or best performers now are fun to be presented by HRs and that too in the least possible time with Employee Spotlight.

Employee Spotlight
News Ticker

News Ticker helps human resources with disseminating all the important information about new company rules, policies, happenings, project related news or any other important updates which they want to share with multiple employees at the time. So, this add-in helps employees to keep themselves updated with latest happenings in the company. The tool beautifully utilizes the collaboration management aspect of Microsoft SharePoint.

Events Timeline is a highly engaging, user friendly and affordable plugin that works on your personalized intranet just like the google calendar. It helps you to mark all the important events, meeting schedules and important dates in a calendar or list view- as you prefer. It is useful in representing events from a huge span and project it in chronological order in a colorful plugin. Human Resources have to juggle a lot with deadlines in most of their tasks. With Events Timeline they can mark dates of all the events in the company like performance review, statutory compliances, general administration tasks, employee start and end dates and so on.

Events Timeline
Metro Tiles

Metro Tiles is another easy to use and amazing interface which can create beautiful and clickable tiles for users of SharePoint intranet. Human resource staff can create navigation tiles for all the important links for employees’ on company’s intranet and present them in various groups like HR, accounts, project wise, department wise and so on. Employees not only save time navigating to those links but also easily find their important documents at one place.

Birthday Reminder is another attractive plugin for human resource as it helps to send quick birthday wishes/ greetings to employees and makes them feel important on their special day. Practically, it is not possible for HRs to remember birth dates of all employees. So Birthday reminder plugin does this work for you. The birthday of employees is automatically picked up from the SharePoint/ office 365 data and displayed in a beautiful template with employeeprofile picture on his/ her special day. Even the other office colleagues of the employee can send quick links with birthday greetings to the employee having his/ her special day.

Birthday Reminder

All the above modules are fully customizable offerings by Beyond Intranet and can be tailor made to fit as a well-crafted HR portal for your company. Nevertheless, the beauty of the products lies in the fact that you can choose to have all the HR modules as one complete package to custom build your SharePoint based intranet or else these are also available as loosely coupled solutions. This means that each of the add-ins are available as separate modules so that you can handpick each of them to create your own workspace.

Human Resource

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