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  • 12 smart add-ins to build up your SharePoint Intranet quickly
    and save your time like never before

    If you are looking for a comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint Intranet for your company, it needs to fulfill some basic requirements. It should be able to keep employees engaged and informed, support daily initiatives, reflect company values and ultimately help people get work done effectively and efficiently. We, at Beyond Intranet, recommend that as the company […]

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  • Effective tips to plan out your SharePoint Intranet

    “The latest Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as one of the most popular Intranet service provider. It has very interesting features which attracts corporates to use the platform as their company intranet without second thought. At Beyond Key, we have excelled in developing SharePoint based intranets for several companies and it has brought tremendous improvement in […]

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  • Mapping a field in search

    All our Employee directory fields are retrieved from the SharePoint search service. Hence the correctness and completeness of the search data is the major bottle neck of our Employee Directory. The following section elaborates the steps involved in mapping a user profile field into SharePoint’s search. Steps to map a crawled property 1 Click on […]