Nurture Communication, Collaboration and Office Culture with Our One-Stop Solution: Employee Center

Organizations admit that Employee Experience is extremely important for the company’s success and office morale, and one of the most effective ways to foster connection between employees is to equip them with a thoughtful and intuitive communication platform – that’s Intranet.

An employee intranet portal allows you to streamline communication and collaboration across your organization. And that’s what we at Beyond Intranet specialize in! We’ve developed an array of ready-to-use SharePoint-based add-ins and workflows that empower your employees with better productivity and team engagement. We have solutions for all industry verticals and virtually any department you can think of.

One unique SharePoint solution we offer is our robust and scalable Employee Center.

What is Employee Center?

Employee Center is a hub of add-ins which can be quickly and easily arranged to create an Intranet portal specifically for your employees and allow them to nurture communication and collaboration and boost productivity of day-to-day tasks.

First, let’s dive deeper to understand what an employee looks for when he or she is accessing their Company Intranet.

Every Company Intranet should have some key components such as employee profiles with photos, effective ways to find people, a talent pool repository, a hub for sharing key company information like policies and procedures, FAQs, an active employee kudos system on the homepage, and updates of colleagues’ movements throughout the organization. That’s why we’ve come up with a well-crafted, unique Employee Center.

What Components make up the Employee Center?

employee hiring

Employee Hiring Workflow

Human Resource managers need a tool that helps with the most rigorous task of staffing and talent acquisition. Our Employee Hiring workflow integrates different sources where resumes are posted. The resume pool is created in the centralized Employee Hiring system, after which HR managers can set up interview schedules. They can also check interview feedback and any schedule changes that have been made. All these features work together to reduce the turnaround time of hiring new employees.

employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding Process

Our Employee Onboarding / Off- boarding add-in is an intuitive interface which eliminates new employees’ first day woes. HR creates forms for new employees to fill out. Standard onboarding tasks are created for all other associated department managers and assigned to them. HR gets notifications as procedure tasks are completed. This simple platform also provides new hires easy access to company policies and other important HR documents. A quick view of all pending tasks by HR, employees, or any other department managers is available, making the workflow seamless, quick, and transparent.

employee directory

Employee Directory

A people finder is a must-have function on any company‘s intranet. Employee Directory allows employees not only to search for anyone within minutes but also enables users to call, chat or send emails to each other instantly without leaving the add-in platform. This system is compatible with any device, including Android and iOS mobile phones, so employees can connect on the go – anywhere, anytime.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Organizational charts are important when employees need to understand and engage with each other within a hierarchy concept. This helps people understand what their focus is and their roles within the organization. Beyond the typical organizational chart, it’s great to show what teams, groups, or locations someone belongs to.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is an information repository of any enterprise which enables users to ask questions on any subject matter – be it an HR related query, a company policy, or a technical question. This allows not only the capturing and sharing of key information within your company, but also acts as a tool to curate all your necessary business content in one centralized place.

Knowledge Management

Birthday reminder

Employee birthdays are automatically retrieved from the SharePoint/Office 365 data and displayed in a beautiful template with the employee’s profile picture on their special day. Co-workers can also send quick links with a special birthday message, enhancing employee engagement activity.

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Employee recognition throughout Employee Spotlight is a great way for people to show appreciation for each other on a scale that would be hard to do without the portal. Company-wide recognition of team members’ contributions always helps to enhance a positive part of company’s culture and is another way of staying informed about what’s going on.

Beyond Intranet Mobile app

Beyond Intranet Mobile app

Beyond Intranet Mobile app comprises of the combined functions of Employee Directory and News Ticker in the same app. This allows employees to get benefits of both the add-ins on the go. New Ticker allows to send real time company news alerts to staff anytime, anywhere thus enabling employee collaboration on your fingertips while directory allows to set up quick communication.


All of the above add-ins are ready-to-use plug and play kind of products. You can choose a full bouquet of them as a complete “Employee Center” to create your own workspace, or handpick a few of them to add onto your existing intranet. We’re open to discuss your needs and extend to you an offer with the solutions you’re looking for.

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