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  • Why is Organizational chart software important for modern enterprises?

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    Organizational chart—or traditionally called Organogram—is not a new term, but its usage has been better understood lately as organizations have started understanding the importance of having one for their team. What is an Organizational chart? A typical organizational charts displays the internal structure or hierarchy within the organization. It shows the different relationships amongst functions, […]

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  • Center your Ideas with Hub Site

    If you’ve ever worried about your vitally important information getting lost in a sea of news and events, SharePoint hub sites is here with the remedy. SharePoint hub sites help you by connecting and organizing sites based on department, project, etc. It is a connecting bridge for your team sites and communication sites. A hub […]

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  • Nurture Communication, Collaboration and Office Culture with Our One-Stop Solution: Employee Center

    Organizations admit that Employee Experience is extremely important for the company’s success and office morale, and one of the most effective ways to foster connection between employees is to equip them with a thoughtful and intuitive communication platform – that’s Intranet. An employee intranet portal allows you to streamline communication and collaboration across your organization. […]